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Boo Boo Bags Cotton

8"x5" - 9.4 oz. - 2 Pouches

Boo Boo bags provide spot pain relief and are commonly used for headaches, carpal tunnel, arthritis, sinus pressure, and for kids’ owies.



Cotton - Cold

For acute pain, such as from pulled muscles, injuries, headaches, or to relieve pain and swelling after shoulder, knee, back, or hip surgery, a cotton pack works best. As opposed to flannel, which holds the heat in for a long time, a frozen cotton Soothie releases the cold quickly and intensely. When frozen, each individual flax seed freezes, but they don’t freeze together so the pack stays soft, allowing it to be wrapped around the wrist, ankle, or any joint of the body. And when your body heats up one side of the Soothie, just flip it over and use it again as the other side is still cold. No longer do you have to deal with the mess of gel packs, melting, cumbersome ice packs, or hard, frozen bags of peas.

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