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41"x2.5" - 1.3oz - 4 Pouches

Hydrocoolers are reusable cotton neck ties filled with non-toxic polymer crystals.  When soaked in water for 30 minutes, the crystals absorb the water causing the neck tie to turn cold and stay cold for days.  Tie them loosely around your neck or wear them as a headband. 

Hydrocoolers are great for hot summer days, when outside gardening, playing sports, while working in hot environments, at sporting events, outdoor concerts, or social events. They can even be used to help keep your dog cool.


More About Hydrocoolers

To activate your HydroCooler, submerge it in water for about 30 minutes. Room temperature water or warmer will speed the hydration process, cold water will slow it. The water temperature will not affect the cooling properties. There is no need to freeze your HydroCooler.  It cools automatically and naturally by evaporation and recrystallizes when it dries. 

As you wear them and your body temperature starts to warm them up, just dip them in water for a few minutes, poor a bottle of water over them, or dunk them in a lake or river. This will rejuvenate the cooling process. When not in use, just hang them up to dry. It will take a week or more for the crystals to return to their original size. Freezing a Hydrocooler is not recommended as it causes the crystals to turn hard and clump up. 

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