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The Story of Soothies of Montana

Hi, my name is Betty. I live in Northern Montana, up where the sky is blue and the air is clear. I am married, a mom of 6 kids, and now have 8 grand kids! I have always wanted to have my own business and now that I have recently retired as a medical transcriptionist at our local hospital, I am able to do just that! The inklings of this business started about 15 years ago after my sister visited a therapist because of sore neck muscles. In the office, the nurse put a warm towel on her neck and upper back that felt wonderful, but it was wet and drippy. 

A Bit About us

We were determined to find a better way to help relieve the pain from sore, tight muscles, a natural form of pain relief that would produce an amazing moist heat, but something that also would get icy cold. After many trials with different fabrics and fills, shapes and sizes, we settled on flannel and cotton fabric stuffed with flax seed, and Soothies were born!


To see if people liked them and would want to use them, I took them to craft shows where I could heat them in a microwave and put them hot into peoples’ hands. They loved them and Soothies were an overwhelming success! Soothies have since become a family affair allowing me to make a lot more Soothies. Knowing now that this is a product people love and want, we would like to make Soothies available to others outside of the craft show market so all could benefit from the soothing power of a warm Soothie. It feels like a warm hug!

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