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Soothies of Montana

Sizes and Styles

Soothies are cotton or flannel packs filled with golden flax seed to heat in the microwave for a moist heat or to freeze for an ice pack. 

Soothies come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit any part of any body!

Choose your size then pick your style. These are the original cotton and flannel Soothies. Flannel is best used for heat; cotton is best used for cold, although you can also heat a cotton Soothie.

New Products:  Lavender-scented neck wraps. These neck wraps are filled with flax seed and real dried English lavender buds for a relaxing, calming effect. English lavender is a sweet-smelling lavender and smells amazing!

Eye Pillows with a removable flannel or cotton cover. These come unscented, or scented with lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

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Reusable cotton neckties filled with non-toxic polymer crystals.


The Story of Soothies of Montana​​

Hi, my name is Betty. I live in Northern Montana, up where the sky is blue and the air is clear. I am married, a mom of 6 kids, and now have 5 grand kids!

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Betty Whitmore


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