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Fabric: Flannel

Fill: Flax Seed



20"x5", 1.625 lbs, 4 pouches


What This Is:

This is a lavender-scented flannel neck wrap.  It is filled with flax seed and real dried lavender buds to make a sweet lavender fragrance not commonly achieved with oils. Laveder is known for its calming, soothing effect. This lavender-scented Soothie smells amazing when heated in the microwave for a moist heatpack.


Common Uses:

Our most popular size is the neck wrap that is shaped to fit around the neck, wrist, ankle, elbow, or virtually any joint in the body.


SAFETY WARNING:  Do Not Overheat Your Soothie. Heating more than the recommended time can cause burning of the skin and may cause the Soothie to burn.  When frozen, allow your Soothie to warm up to room temperature before microwaving.


Purple Cloud - Lavender-Scented Flannel Neck Wrap

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