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The flannel eye pillow cover is designed to fit Soothie eye pillows.  This is a flannel cover that can be removed from the eye pillow and washed. The flannel cover is designed for heating. To heat your Soothie eye pillow, place the pillow inside a flannel cover, then heat in the microwave for 1 minute. Always put your eye pillow in the flannel cover before heating it or it will be too hot to put into the cover after heating it.


You may also freeze your Soothie eye pillow. To do this, place your Soothie eye pillow inside its cover, then place on a rack in your freezer. It will become icy cold in a few hours but will stay soft. Always let a frozen Soothie warm up to room temperature before heating it.



Coffee/Latte - Flannel Eye Pillow Cover

  • Always take the Soothie eye pillow out of the cover before washing the cover. Do NOT wash the eye pillow, only wash the cover.

    Machine wash in cold water, partially dry, iron if needed. 

    * The fabric is 100% cotton flannel and will shrink if washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer.

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