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Soothies of Montana

Natural Pain Relief - Ahhhhhhh!
Feels like a warm hug!

Sizes and Styles

Soothies are cotton or flannel packs stuffed with golden flax seed to heat in the microwave for a moist heat or to freeze for an ice pack. 

Soothies come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit any part of any body!

Choose your size then pick your style, the original cotton or flannel Soothies, Soothies with removable, washable covers, or scented Soothies. 

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Soothies With Covers

These Soothies are filled with golden flax seed, just like our original Soothie.

NEW Eye Pillows

Eye pillows come in 4 options - the blue color is unscented,  the purple color is lavender scented


Reusable cotton neckties filled with non-toxic polymer crystals.


The Story of Soothies of Montana​​

Hi, my name is Betty. I live in Northern Montana, up where the sky is blue and the air is clear. I am married, a mom of 6 kids, and now have 5 grand kids!

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Soothies With Removable, Washable Covers

We now have Soothies with removable, washable covers! These Soothies are filled with golden flax seed, just like our original Soothie, but are made of a solid color cotton fabric with your choice of a removable, washable cover. Just place your Soothie in a specially-made-to-fit flannel cover, then microwave the Soothie in the flannel cover for a relaxing moist heat. You can also freeze your Soothie in a cotton cover to get an icy cold pack. Since the cotton or flannel cover is removable, you must take the Soothie out of the cover and then the cover can be machine washed and replaced back on the Soothie.


Boo Boo Bags

8"x5" - 8oz. - 2 Pouches

Boo Boo bags provide spot pain relief and are commonly used for headaches, carpal tunnel, arthritis, sinus pressure, and for kids’ owies.


Boo Boo Bag Inserts and Covers

8"x5" - 8oz. - 2 Pouches

Boo Boo bag Soothie inserts made with cotton fabric, are identical to the original Boo Boo bag Soothie but can be used witih specially made-to-fit removable, washable cotton or flannel covers.


Neck Wraps

20"x5" - 1lb. 10oz. - 4 Pouches

Our most popular size is the neck wrap that is shaped to fit around the neck, wrist, ankle, elbow, or virtually any joint in the body.

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Betty Whitmore


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